Lily Kriegs

Personal Coach & Team Whisperer

My name is Lily Kriegs. I was born and raised in Mexico and started my adult learning journey 26 years ago, coming to Germany as an immigrant and living ever since in this amazing country.

I am passionate about working with other people. I had the opportunity in several occasions to lead and mentor teams and go with them through different processes of change and transformation. I have lost and won several battles and always tried to learned from the experience.

My background has helped me learn and understand many things about how people think, feel, believe differently and communicate their needs in a different way. I am a person who believes in diversity and inclusion, because everybody is skilled to use the best of their abilities. The clue is to have an opportunity to release their super-powers.

I love to listen to people. I like to understand how others think and feel. I like to respect and support people that are different than me, because they always can teach me things that I might not know and rethink the ones that I thought I knew.

I decided to start coaching, because of several reasons:

It is great to have someone to talk to about…

  • how do I deal with conflict?
  • how can I navigate through constant change?
  • how can I build a team or bring them back together after discord?
  • how to overcome the ambivalence between wanting change and fearing it?
  • how to know if my current role is the right one for me?
  • how do I cope with difficult decisions like letting people go, underperformance or fusions with other companies?

Personally, looking for others who would be willing to tell me their stories, to figure out how they solved problems or found solace through difficult situations helped me a great deal. I looked for inspiration. I hope you find inspiration in this pages too.

It is always the start that is so difficult and so cathartic. The struggle with finding the ways we want to work and be. I can help you and your team to find what makes you a team, how you work as different people supporting your autonomy and diversity.

The term TEAM MANIFESTO came to life when I started thinking about all my learnings of what make teams special and successful. Cohesive, inclusive and emotionally strong teams can articulate and follow objectives more efficiently, perform better and be more resilient in difficult times. And much more important: they are happier at work.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for caring to change our ways of working into a more human way.

Here are some things I do
  • Personal Coaching
  • EXCLUSIVE FOR WOMEN AND FREE OF CHARGE: Coaching for re-incorporation into working force for women after burn out or affected by intimate partner violence. Contact me directly: at hello(at)
  • Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

  • Team Manifesto Workshops
  • Facilitate Team retrospectives
  • Change and Transformation
  • Cultivating Happiness @Work