The Team Manifesto

Make a compass on who you are as a team

  • Who are we?
  • What do we stand for?
  • What is our purpose?
  • How do we want to be perceived?

Appreciation and the power of gratitude

  • Are we capable of appreciating and being thankful for the people for who they are and not only for what they do?
  • Do we show appreciation in our everyday’s life?
  • What are gratitude practices that we live as a team?

Nurture inclusion and respect

  • Do we strive for a diverse team structure?
  • Do we cherish and respect each other for who we are?
  • Do we create opportunities and chances for everybody?
  • Do we listen and respect the opinions of others?
  • Do we celebrate our different backgrounds and learn from our differences?

Implement positive practices @work

Framework your ways of working

  • How and how often do we communicate as a team?
  • What kind of interaction help us reframe and evoke our purpose on a regular basis?
  • How do we create meetings that reflect our objectives and checks on our well being?
  • Which tools do we use to interact as a team, share knowledge and live transparency?

Establish a culture of engagement and accountability

  • How do we bring our best and most authentic self to work?
  • How do we apply ourselves to find fulfillment in what we do?
  • How can we feel more accountable for our work?
  • Do we have ways to practice mindfulness @work and be more resilient?
  • How can we maximize our chances for focused work?
  • How do we use our emodiversity to optimize our outcomes and flow moments?

Safe to try – Always

  • Can we create an environment in which team members feel safe to uncover obstacles or frame problems through quick and unbureaucratic testing and to adapt the procedure to achieve quick wins or fail fast without fear?
  • Can we freely talk about our concerns and shortcomings to gather the feedback and support from the rest?
  • Does everyone in the team have the confidence that team members will not be penalized or disfellowshipped for mistakes or raising critical issues?

Trust, Kindness and Compassion – Key ingredients to team culture

  • Do we trust each other?
  • Do we rely on each other?
  • Do we feel compelled and invited to collaborate with each other?
  • Are we kind and compassionate to our team members and co-workers?
  • Do we care for respectful interaction?
  • Do we appreciate the work of others?
  • Do we feel trusted and appreciated?

Ownership & Clarity

  • How do we improve our team objectives to strive for constant optimization?
  • How do we include our customers in our purpose to pursue their happiness?
  • Are we letting clear metrics make decisions for us?
  • Can we define clear tasks to know our role and what is expected of us?
  • Can we work independently and enjoy trust from our leadership to pursue the best we can give?
*Many of these ideas, practices and learnings are inspired on my own experience and many also on the amazing work of the Greater Good Science Center and their inspiring work around "The Science of Happiness"

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